Wear a Piece of the Past

with a

custom made order

created from your family china.

With designs from your family heirlooms,

grammy's favorite china becomes a wearable keepsake.

Delicate accessories with a story as unique as your family.

Let DinnerWear Jewelry design accessories from the intricate patterns of your family china. Chipped or cracked dishes with sentimental value can become unique keepsakes to share with family and friends. 

DinnerWear delicately hand- cuts elegant earrings, pendant necklaces, lariats, bracelets, and pins from even broken china and saucers.

​​​Wear a Piece of the Past

For $48 or more, you can have customized jewelry from your family heirlooms.

For additional information and quotes, call DinnerWear Jewelry today.

Mary-Ann Wood


1237 Pond Street Franklin, MA 02038